A Guide For Wrongful Dismissal Victims

Being laid off can be devastating even when you know it is justified. However, when you are unfairly or wrongfully terminated from a job that you love, it can be demoralizing. It can be even hard to leave your home, let alone apply for a position elsewhere right away.

Even excellent workers sometimes get dismissed for hidden ulterior reasons and while there are numerous unjustified reasons for termination, the most common include:



Discrimination of gender, race, age, religion, disability etc.
Sustaining injury at the workplace

If you’ve been wrongfully dismissed, you should immediately seek the advice and services of an experienced law firm. Continue reading this post on the steps that you should follow after wrongful dismissal.

Proving unfair termination tends to be a long process, but there are some things that you can do to help ease it:

The first step is to document everything you can regarding the termination including the place, time, conversation specifics, etc. You should ideally document any related information. Ensure you create a timeline of the succession of events that led to your unfair dismissal. The more information you provide, the better.

The next thing is to review any employment document that you signed upon hiring. Assess for accuracy in regards to your specific situation. This is a crucial step when the dismissal appears to have come out of nowhere.

It is also essential that you go through your employee guide or handbook for information regarding your rights as a worker. In most cases, employers include dismissal clauses that entitle you to a period of notice before termination.

Avail the services of an experienced law firm like OLS Quebec as soon as possible. Hiring an employment lawyer is crucial when you feel that you have been a victim of unfair dismissal. You need the expertise of a law firm that works with employment law disputes to handle your case properly. OLS Quebec has been assisting employees in these types of cases for over 75 years, and they have developed excellent strategies that have helped them achieve the best results for their clients.

These steps are not only crucial, but they need to be done in a timely fashion. Apart from the time limitations in regards to filing a legal claim, your case will become weaker to the mediator or judge when you wait for longer than you should.

Other Considerations

It’s not uncommon for some co-workers to be unwilling to be involved in your wrongful dismissal case. Usually, your former co-workers will be fearful of causing problems for themselves. After all, no one likes to be fired.

Also, note that proving your dismissal is a direct result of an illegal action is not easy. Such cases can be long and time-consuming if your former employer fails to negotiate. Most employers aren’t required by law to provide a reason for termination and so, wading through the legal issues can quickly become tiring.

As such, it is vital that you look for an ideal employment lawyer for the best results.